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January 03, 2008



Funny stuff.
Although: "they recently turned down an offer to join the EU". Well, recently? It was in 1994. That's 14 years ago. (And we also turned the EU down in '72.)
And: "consistently yield better hockey players per capita than any other free nation". What?!? Have you seen Norwegian hockey achievements? Not excactly impressive.

Other than that, great stuff.


"in 1814, Norway reneged on a legal, contractual unification with Denmark"

In 1814 Norway got out of the union with Denmark after 400 years, but later that year we got into a new union with Sweden.
Its nice to see that you count us as a ascendant superpower, but the height of Norways power was from 800-1100 in the Viking Age when we actually invaded England and pillaged their shores for years

Wegar Monsendur

Im a Norwegian myself, and yes. Our purpose is to save all our money in what we call the oilfund until the day you americans are so weak that we can buy ourself in your rotten corrupt goverment. And then, the world!!! hahahaha! Vikings once vikings allways!
To Valhall!!!

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