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Although The Dopple Gang refuses to be categorized, it should be noted that we are a humor, satire, and parody blog, and expect to show up in Google searches as such.

Our writers have written for such esteemed drivel outlets as Saturday Night Live, The Onion, McSweeneys,, College Humor, and The Punch Bowl. This is, of course, of no concern to you, esteemed reader. For to actually reach this site is more challenging than ascending the crags of the Himalayas to commune with a guru or two, so it is you who deserves to be saluted, and not us. However that saluting will have to be outsourced to India, toot-sweet, as we are busy churning out puns in the back of our ramshackle chuckle hut. Our readers are as cultivated as the finest wine, and equally rare. Count yourselves among the lucky few, because we make no effort to count you at all.

We are all evil twins. Of different people. Duh. Our good twins run another blog somewhere on the internet about politics and charity, but those people are lame-oids and we wish nothing to do with them.

It has come to our attention that Web 2.0 revolves around communities. We find this as distasteful as you surely must. Personally speaking, the Gang cannot wait until 3.0 returns the internet to the iron fist of the capitalist oligarchy, as it was in the sweet sweet days of Prodigy. The internet service provider, not the band. Although those days were fairly sweet as well. Until then, the obligatory bone to social networking shall be thrown. Feel free to email us about your wacky comedy blog, although we promise absolutely nothing in return except perhaps menacing laughter in a soundproof room at your expense. However, maybe we will link to you or something. I doubt it, but it's worth a shot, and a few laughs, to try.

So please, peruse our pages at your peril, and perchance you will be piqued enough to post a pleasant postulation upon our...uh...comments section. Percolate.

Please enjoy the site, and feel free to leave non-troll-like comments and suggestions wherever you please.

Chris Van Orden (The "Cute" Evil One), Mike Weingarth (The Evil "Party Animal"), and Johnny McNulty (The Evil "Neurotic" One)